Alec Stern Headshot.jpg
Is That Tom Cruise?
— most people

I am a music lover & creator from Chicago:

I am currently the Director of Music at the Chicago advertising agencies DDB and We Are Unlimited. Previously, I was a Senior Music Producer at Leo Burnett. I come from a live event and composition background, working at Jam Productions, Ravinia Festival, and Comma Music. 

Outside of work, it's still mostly all about music. I am a published music writer, primarily focusing on Chicago hip hop. I have been in a number of bands, written, recorded, and released four solo records, and DJ under the moniker DJ Dub Monks. 


Everything Else:

I am recently married. 

I live in Logan Square, Chicago.

I think Kendrick Lamar is the greatest rapper of all time. 

I am a co-founder of the Pam Stern Legacy of Hope Foundation, which is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for special needs children, as well as providing assistance, resources, and recognition to their families and teachers. 

I believe in positivity, love, and art above all.

I want to make cool stuff with my time here on earth.